How Do You Create Cross-Functional Collaboration?

From left to right - Michael Masih, Constantine Polites, Cassidy Fein, and Guy Armstrong-Watters; in conversation regarding the topic, "How Do You Create Cross-Functional Collaboration?" at ProductTank NYC.

How to Prioritize and Own Your Time as a Product Manager

Susan Threadgill shared her experience, tips and advice regarding the topic, "How to Prioritize and Own Your Time as a Product Manager" at ProductTank NYC at Pivotal Labs.

Product Management for Data & Infrastructure Products

Product is Hard: World Product Day 2019!

ProductTank NYC alumni Abhishek Mathur takes a fan photo with product management expert, Marty Cagan. Marty stopped by to share his experience and insights at ProductTank NYC for World Product Day 2019 at Pivotal Labs.

How to Scale Products Globally: TransferWise's Kaarel Kuddu

Kaarel Kuddu shared his experience and insights on leading TransferWise's global product expansion at ProductTank NYC at Capital One Labs.

User Research: Best Practices, Pitfalls and Common Challenges

From left to right - Isabelle Berner - ProductTank Organizer, Alexa Szal - Product Manager, Alpha, Brian Landry - Head of Design and Research, Stash, Liz Chinchilla - Brand Strategist and UX Researcher, Nectar Sleep, Agata Bugaj - Product Manager, Full Story, Pranay Sethi - Product Designer, Pivotal Labs, and Guy Armstrong-Watters - ProductTank Organizer; in conversation regarding the topic, "User Research: Best Practices, Pitfalls and Common Challenges" at ProductTank NYC at Meetup HQ.

How We Designed A Microsite for New York City’s Best Product Community A Design Case Study

When Reality Sets In: Managing Goals Beyond Q1

From left to right - Alexandra Pressland - Head of Product, Regi, Selena Hadzibabic - VP of Product, XO Group, Mike Siegel - Senior Product Manager, Splash, Matt Geffken - VP of Product, Jibe, and Emily Tate, US General Manager at Mind the Product; in conversation regarding the topic, "When Reality Sets In: Managing Goals Beyond Q1" at ProductTank NYC at Mixpanel (WeWork).

Measuring Actionable Metrics

From left to right - Brian Weinstein, Senior Analytics Lead at WeWork, and Matt Wallaert, Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health; joined us for "Measuring Actionable Metrics" at ProductTank NYC at Mixpanel (WeWork).

Mobile vs. Desktop: The Design Debate

From left to right - Team Mobile: Ringo Lertprecha, Silvia Tueros-Cossio, and Erin Essex; and Team Desktop: Bianka McGovern, Jordan Bergtraum, and Henry Bruce; joined us for "Mobile versus Desktop: The Design Debate" at ProductTank NYC at Shutterstock.

Criticality v. Scope: How to Prioritize Product Decisions

Holly Hester-Reilly shared her experience and insights on making product decisions at ProductTank NYC at Capital One Labs.

Criticality v. Scope: How to Prioritize Product Decisions

Eric Chambers shared his experience and insights on executing a prioritization process at ProductTank NYC at Capital One Labs.

Digital to Physical: The Experiment Economy

From left to right, John Marcantonio, Shanfan Huang, Jonathan Schwartz and Michelle M. Chu joined us for a panel conversation at ProductTank NYC at MakerBot.

How to Launch Version One Products

From left to right, Jonathan Lai, Alana Mariano, Paul Yokota and Eric Menzie joined us for a panel conversation at ProductTank NYC at Animoto.

Making the Right Decisions with the Right Metrics

From left to right, Silvia Tueros-Cossio, Michael Clark, Holly Hester-Reilly and John Marcantonio joined us for a panel conversation at ProductTank NYC at Capital One Labs.

World Product Day 2018

From left to right, Saad Khatri, Vivek Bedi, Karen Kranack and Tania Philip at ProductTank NYC at Capital One Labs.

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How to Elevate products to the next level

From left to right, Tim Miller, Eli Goldberg, Adam Perlis and Jia Liao respond to audience questions during ProductTank NYC at Squarespace.

AI: Building Products That Learn

From left to right, Abhishek Mathur, Anne Griffin, and Kenneth Kuo (our guest presenter and Q/A moderator) respond to audience questions during our second ProductTank NYC of 2018 at Metis (at WeWork).


From left to right, Saad Khatri, Richard Banfield, and Jessica Waite (our guest moderator) respond to audience questions during our first ProductTank NYC of 2018 at Capital One Labs.

Emotionally Intelligent Product Design

From left to right, Erin Essex, Diane Kim, and Clément Delangue respond to audience questions during our 2nd ProductTank NYC event of November 2017 at ustwo Studios.

Product Leadership

From left to right, George Abbott, Martin Eriksson, and Daniella Patrick (our guest moderator) discuss Product Leadership during our 1st ProductTank NYC event of November 2017 at Capital One Labs.

Building Products for Product Builders

From left to right, Jim Thomson, Michelle M. Chu, and Shiven Ramji respond to audience questions during our September 2017 edition of ProductTank NYC at Venmo.

From Mind the Product

Videos & Articles

Product Design Politics by Michelle Chu

Michelle Chu began her career in publishing as a sales assistant at Backpacker, before working in advertising, layouts, and packaging design. She then moved to digital products and eventually to her current role as Senior Product Manager and Head of Design at Alpha.


Product careers can have varying roadmaps. Some have engineering or science backgrounds like myself, while others may be experienced in marketing, journalism, and even history. It's unlikely for anyone to become an expert in all the knowledge required to be a successful product person.


Ellen Chisa has an educational background in engineering and is currently working on her MBA at Harvard Business School. She has worked for companies like Microsoft and Kickstarter, and is currently the VP of Product at Lola. They connect travelers to travel agents for hotels, restaurants, and any other travelling needs. In her ProductTank NYC presentation, she explains the importance of learning and becoming a better product manager.

Using Habit-Forming Technology for Good by Nir Eyal

In this ProductTank NYC talk, behavioral designer Nir Eyal examines the ways in which product design can influence consumer behavior, and discusses how to apply this thinking across various technologies to create a positive impact on the world.

The Art of the Side Hustle by Jonathan Lai

A full-time job pays the bills. You work with a team of people, customers, and clients, and you do it because you have to, and not necessarily because you want to. A side hustle on the other hand, is a job you do before or after your regular job.


My journey to product management was not what you might expect, but then again, maybe you would. I studied accounting and computers in high school. At 19 I got a job as a computer technician and by 21 I was a computer science major. I then got a job on campus as a network administrator.


Josh Goldenberg is the Head of Product for Next Caller, a company that does essential telephony, identification, and fraud validation. He has a background in the public and private sectors and he begins his ProductTank NYC presentation with a quote from Steve Jobs, which underpins the central concept of Servant Leadership

Ask Alexis and the SMS MVP by Josh Seiden

Josh Seiden is co-founder and principal at consulting firm Neo. In this ProductTank NYC talk, he shares his work on a project called Ask Alexis.


Jim Kalbach is a respected author, speaker, and instructor in information architecture and UX strategy and currently Head of Customer Success at online whiteboard business Mural. His latest book, Mapping Experiences (O’Reilly, 2016), focuses on the role of visualizations in strategy and innovation and in this talk from ProductTank New York he discusses the roles and duties related to mapping experiences.

Vivek Bedi - The Awesome Product Manager

Vivek Bedi is the Head of Product at LearnVest. He has over 15 years’ product management experience, working for companies like Goldman Sachs, Sterling Backcheck, and now LearnVest. In his presentation, talks about LearnVest, the role of a product manager, and what he’s learned from his years as a product manager.

Alexa scordato - Product Marketing at Stack Overflow

Alexa Scordato is the VP of marketing at Stack Overflow. Her company is an online community for programmers, and one of the top sites in the world. They see over 45 million visitors per month, seven visits per visitor every month, and each visit lasts about six minutes. The main focus of the site is the Q&A, and there have been over 7.6 billion times that a developer found a solution on their site.


Jordan Bergtraum is a management consultant who has been responsible for product strategy, UX, and teams consisting of product and project managers. In his ProductTank NYC presentation, he discusses the challenges of having one person in charge of product and project management. Jordan uses the Tesla automobile as a relatable example. 

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Sophia Huang started her career in the San Francisco Bay Area, and eventually moved to New York City to work with InVision, the makers of the popular InVisionApp software. In her ProductTank NYC presentation, she goes over the challenges of onboarding as a product manager.


Daniella Patrick is an Innovation Lab Product Manager at Accenture, which is one of the largest global consulting firms in the world, with clients and partners like Microsoft, GE, HP, and IBM. Accenture now has over 400k people employed, and offices in over 200 cities across 55 countries. Daniella’s educational background is in mechanical engineering and mathematics, and her professional experience includes operations, engineering, and design roles at several startups. In her ProductTank NYC presentation, she discusses her team’s role at their company and how they go about identifying problems and developing solutions.

Jenine Lurie - Disruptive Product Development

Jenine has the consulting insights to connect business goals with user desire and motivation for service design and application development. She is experienced with the creative and technical skills to design solutions for intuitive, enjoyable experiences in a complex digital environment. 

Adrian Franks – Creative Design Tools

Adrian Franks is a design director and creative strategist at IBM. At IBM he worked to design and develop the Creative Toolbox, which helps designers and product managers familiarize themselves with the various tools available to prototype and create new products.

How Designers & Developers Can Work Better Together

Jason Fleitz is Director of Web Operations at LivePerson, where they develop products such as LiveEngage- a platform that gives companies the ability to engage with their customers anytime on web sites, mobile and social networks. In this presentation at ProductTank NYC, he explains about how designers and developers can work better together on software projects, by adopting some simple tactics and strategies for better collaboration.


In this talk at Product Tank NYC, I describe how a class project turned into my first major product build. As head of product management at UncommonGoods, I have used the wish list redesign and its success to demonstrate the value of customer feedback, data analysis, and iterative development. It has since served as the driving force in the proliferation of the PM discipline throughout UncommonGoods.


Eric Menzie, CRM Head of Product at Wells Fargo Securities, talks to ProductTank New York about How to Win Enterprise User Buy-In. Eric shares six important User Buy-In lessons that are applicable to both enterprise and consumer product management.


Paul Yokota talks to ProductTank NYC about the process of launching products and discusses the many associated challenges, reflecting on the challenges he faced when launching Animoto’s Marketing Video Builder app.

ProductTank NYC is a community of product professionals working for (or wanting to work for) digital/web/mobile companies in New York City to exchange ideas, insights and experiences. Our events include talks from guest speakers from various companies, organizations and industries.

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