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Ellen Chisa – Learning in Product

Product managers tend to sit somewhere between technology, design, and business, in terms of their skill sets. While most people assume that all product managers sit right in the middle of those three areas, knowing a little bit about each, that is not the case. Where a product manager’s skill set lies depends largely on their educational and/or professional background.


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Paul Yokota – Launching Products

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Product Marketing at Stack Overflow – Alexa Scordato


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Product Leadership

From left to right, George Abbott, Martin Eriksson, and Daniella Patrick (our guest moderator) discuss Product Leadership during our 1st ProductTank NYC event of November 2017 at Capital One Labs.


Emotionally Intelligent Product Design

From left to right, Erin Essex, Diane Kim, and Clément Delangue respond to audience questions during our 2nd ProductTank NYC event of November 2017 at ustwo Studios.


Building Products for Product Builders

From left to right, Jim Thomson, Michelle M. Chu, and Shiven Ramji respond to audience questions during our September 2017 edition of ProductTank NYC at Venmo.

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Hacking Your Product Management Career

Former VP of Product at Netflix, Gibson Biddle shares his experiences at our August 2017 edition of ProductTank NYC at OnDeck.

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How Calm Technology Can Help Us Be More Human by Amber Case

As demonstrated with her TED talk we are all cyborgs now Amber Case has a pretty unique perspective on how technology impacts people’s’ lives.


Product Portfolio Management: Success at Scale

Product management can be hard enough, but when you scale beyond more than one product, product portfolio management is a critical tool to prioritise between multiple products, ensure resources are assigned to the right products, and that you have a pipeline of new product ideas ready to grow.


Product Development When you Don’t Have the Right Technology Expertise

A few months ago, I was given the task of delivering a product using technology that our company had never worked with and that our team had never encountered. My first thought was that it was highly risky and that there was little chance of success. But my second thought was: “OK, if I don’t know, it means that I should find somebody who does know and ask them for assistance.” And so I began the journey that I would now like to share with you.


What’s the Biggest Challenge for Product Managers?

For the past two months, I’ve been conducting research and discovery to help establish some ground rules for the Mind the Product Training Program.  As an organization we’ve set some goals for what we want to accomplish with our training.


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Lindsay Silver - A Foundation for Data-Driven UX

Lindsay Silver talked about the challenges of blending the inspiration of fashion and taste with the guidance offered by huge amounts of hard data at Conde Nast, where he is the Head of Data Technology. Specifically, he walked through an internal data product for that leverages UX data to support creative and commercial decisions, making it easier to build digital products.


Gibson Biddle - Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions

Gibson Biddle has worked in product at several entertainment companies, such as Netflix, Mattel, and EA, as well as educational companies such as Chegg and The Learning Company. In his presentation, he discusses “wicked hard” decision-making and how it is a practiced art, and can be very easy with practice. He discusses all of these experiences through the lense of Netflix, where he was the Vice President of Product.

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Jenine Lurie - Disruptive Product Development

Jenine has the consulting insights to connect business goals with user desire and motivation for service design and application development. She is experienced with the creative and technical skills to design solutions for intuitive, enjoyable experiences in a complex digital environment. 

Adrian Franks – Creative Design Tools

Adrian Franks is a design director and creative strategist at IBM. At IBM he worked to design and develop the Creative Toolbox, which helps designers and product managers familiarize themselves with the various tools available to prototype and create new products.

ProductTank NYC is a community of product professionals working for (or wanting to work for) digital/web/mobile companies in New York City to exchange ideas, insights and experiences. Our events include talks from guest speakers from various companies, organizations and industries.

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