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Why Product Management Should not be Responsible for Project Management

Jordan Bergtraum is a management consultant with over ten years of experience in the B2B SaaS industry, mostly as a head of product for various organizations in the legal, education, facilities management, and pharmaceutical spaces. He has been responsible for product strategy, UX, and teams consisting of product and project managers. In his ProductTank NYC presentation, he discusses the challenges of having one person in charge of both product and project management.


Design Disruptors (A 2016 Film) - Panel Discussion
In January 2017 ProductTank NYC in collaboration with nexTier Innovations and Lifion by ADP, held a special event which included a Design Disruptors film screening and a guest panel discussion about the film and the current state of the product design industry. The panel included six design and management professionals that hail from startups, midsize and large globally known companies, and I had the great pleasure of moderating the discussion. (Continued: )

Peter Duggan is Head of Product Management at Computershare Investor Services, where they have an intangible, service-based financial product, and as an organisation they are heavily focused on revenue goals. In this product idea generation walk-through from ProductTank NYC, Peter talks about how how to source, size, catalogue and prioritise new ideas from across the whole organisation.

Sourcing and Sizing Ideas: The key – in Peter’s opinion – is to make product idea generation an integrated part of daily work, not an occasional stand-alone internal campaign. In his case, he work with managers to connect with teams, joining stand-ups and making sure everyone understands the value of helping the company generate new product ideas and refinements. Given that these teams have the most contact with both sides of Computershare’s customer base, they’re in the best position to identify and suggest solutions for their customers’ real pain points. (Continued on:

Product Marketing at Stack Overflow – Alexa Scordato

In Alexa’s presentation at ProductTank NYC, she talks about the importance of brand and marketing. She states that there are not enough conversations about the intersection of product and marketing. In fact, many product team members don’t even understand marketing at all. She hopes to help change that. (Continued: )

Launching Products: Paul Yokota talks to ProductTank NYC about the process of launching products and discusses the many associated challenges, reflecting on the challenges he faced when launching Animoto’s Marketing Video Builder app. Paul started his career at Mixbook as a product manager for Mosaic, a mobile app for creating photobooks. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager for Animoto – a company dedicated to giving people an easy way to create professional videos.(Continued: )

Eric Menzie, Head of Product at Wells Fargo Securities, talks to ProductTank New York about How to Win Enterprise Users’ Buy-In. Eric shares six important User Buy-In lessons that are applicable to both enterprise and consumer product management.

Josh McWilliam is a co-founder and Vice President of Product at College Factual. Their mission is to help every student realize their full potential through the best fit education their money can buy. While their focus is on students with the College Factual brand, they also have other brands like (for advisors), (for colleges), and BRIGHT HUB (for teachers).. (Continued: