Communication Skills

David Kullman talks to ProductTank NYC about why most projects are doomed to fail right from the very start. David is a Partner and Development Manager at CitrusByte, working with both large corporations and startups to develop innovative software solutions to challenges they may be facing.

Uploaded by Vivek Bedi on 2016-04-15.

Sunil Parekh is the VP of Product Management at Truveris, which is a healthcare startup based out of New York City. In the start of his presentation at ProductTank NYC, he further breaks down his experience by listing some of the professional roles he’s played, like Lab Researcher, R&D Engineer, Product Manager, and Startup Advisor. Reflecting on his wide array of prior experience, he quotes Steve Jobs, saying that “if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” He thinks is very important to be constantly be challenging yourself and going outside of your comfort zone, because that is the best way to learn and improve. He has used this mindset to get him to where he is today.