About ProductTank

How did ProductTank get started?
ProductTank is managed by Mind the Product, a team of product managers who spend all day building start-ups, and all night building a community for other product managers. ProductTank was founded in 2010 in London, and ProductTank NYC started in March 2012 in Manhattan, New York City. 

ProductTank is always free to attend, and it is organized by leaders within their respective product communities, and supported by generous sponsors. To learn more about ProductTank and where it all started, visit http://www.producttank.com.


How does ProductTank NYC work?
ProductTank NYC meetups consist of presentations or discussions with some Q/A and networking before and after. Go to this page to find out more about our event formats >.


How many people usually come to ProductTank?
Our events are always well attended, with at least 50-75 people who are passionate about product development joining us. 


When do you have ProductTank?
Usually we do ProductTank events at least once a month (unless indicated otherwise).


Who organizes the ProductTank events?
Each ProductTank chapter has their own organizer team >


We would love to partner with ProductTank NYC to do cross-promotion for our events related to product development. We can also offer discount tickets to your members. Interested?
Sorry. ProductTank NYC can not participate in any partnerships unless it is approved by it's parent organization, Mind the Product.