FAQ About ProductTank

ProductTank NYC is a local meetup for NYC-based Product Managers, curated by Product Managers. 

Our meetups consist of presentations or discussions with product leaders from New York City and abroad.

Who organizes ProductTank NYC?

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Does ProductTank have a Code of Conduct?

We don't have a "ProductTank" Code of Conduct per se, however we do have a Mind the Product Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is primarily applied to our conferences and other in-person events. However, please be aware that we expect members of our discussion spaces (including ProductTank) to adhere to an equivalent standard of behaviour.

Our Mind the Product Code of Conduct begins with:

The goal of the conference is to create a safe environment for the free flow of ideas so we can push product management forward. We expect everyone at the conference to show respect for the person, if not the ideas, and conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while at the conference and the after-party.

Go to our Mind the Product site to read more.

We also have a Mind the Product Manifesto, which begins with the following:

"We believe product management has evolved significantly over the last several years. Gone are the days of the weighty tomes we called product requirements documents. Gone are the days of project managing releases. Gone are the days of defining products in an ivory tower and then throwing it across the wall to the engineering team to deliver. Today product management is much more than a job title - it's a discipline, and to some, a calling."

Go to our Mind the Product site to read more.

How did ProductTank get started?

ProductTank is owned by Mind the Product, the creators of the Mind the Product Conference. 

ProductTank was founded in 2010 by Martin Eriksson in London, United Kingdom.

ProductTank NYC started in March 2012 in Manhattan, New York City.

Inaugural ProductTank NYC, March 2012

Inaugural ProductTank NYC, March 2012

What is the Mind the Product Conference?

What is MTP Engage?

MTP Engage is a conference series designed for passionate product managers positioned between the globally successful Mind the Product conferences and the ProductTank meetups that take place in over 175 cities around the world.

Is ProductTank a non-profit company?

ProductTank is a meetup. We are not for profit, and we are not a company. 

When do you have ProductTank NYC?


What night of the week do you typically meet?

There is no such thing as a "specific night of the week" when we meet. We have ProductTank on event dates that are acceptable for our sponsors and organizers.


What kinds of events do you do?

We would love to partner with ProductTank NYC to do cross-promotion for our events related to product development. Interested?

Sorry. ProductTank NYC can not participate in any partnerships unless it is approved by it's parent organization, Mind the Product.

Is ProductTank on Twitter?

Yes! Go to https://twitter.com/producttank

Does ProductTank NYC have a Meetup page?

Yes! It is https://meetup.com/producttanknyc

Does ProductTank have a web site?

Yes! To view the global ProductTank web site, go to http://producttank.com

Why did you create ProductTank.nyc?

Read more about How We Designed A Microsite for New York City’s Best Product Community.